November 4 2014

I am looking forward to this night, as MC I’ll be in a suit, however I’ve had plenty of people ask me about the dress code – neat casual, dress like you’re going to the pub for tea, however I’m tipping the chicks will want to dress up; after a long hound season it is their night as well. Picked up 10 tickets for some immediate family and friends (1 x couple don’t even hunt but they admire the culture). It is a culture, a tradition, our way of life. Those who oppose us make out that they just don’t get it, they see us as nothing but rednecks and back wood Hillbillies; I believe deep down they have to be jealous. Our history is deep and legendary, most importantly it is recorded in photos and stories. We have young teenage hunters who will sit around a fire on Friday night and listen intently to the same stories every week told by the old blokes. I still remember the detail of all the stories I listened to 40 years ago.

Our struggle to survive is ever present, our pursuit to improve our conditions is even tougher. I was pumped the other night at Healesville to see so many hound trucks and a heap of young blokes. The politics must have bored them to death but they knew they had to be there and they responded, they assembled alongside the old blokes, and in a show of strength made it clear to the politicians that we have a tradition that we are going to fight for.

Camaraderie, and a sense of belonging is important to us all. Get along to this ball, shin dig, night out, end of year break up, and have a great time belonging to the most traditional hunting culture in Australia. Make no mistake we are a stronger, more bonded fraternity of hunters than anywhere else in the world. We are Victorian Hound Hunters, come along and enjoy the night.

Mark Hesse
VHH President