History of Victorian Hound Hunters Inc. (VHH)

The late ’90s saw a lot of change that affected hound hunting, with hunting areas being eroded, baiting programs being introduced, and high country leasing disputes.
There was very little communication with government organisations and no public face to hound hunting.

At that time, there were a number of hunting organisations in Victoria, but none specifically focused on representing the interests of hound hunters.

The Victorian Hound Hunters organisation was formed on April 26th, 2000 after a public meeting, organised by Steve Bojanic and other concerned individuals, was held at the Myrtleford Savoy Club.

The first meeting formed the basis of the organisation. Office bearers were elected to the positions of president, secretary, and treasurer. 
The vice president and general committee positions were established later.

The first meeting was attended by the some of the following individuals and which some of them made up the first Victorian Hound Hunters committee.

  • Steve Bojanic
  • Leo Jones
  • Rick Waldar
  • Mark Hesse
  • Les Bell
  • Arthur Onslow
  • Geoff Maggs (current President)
  • Darrell Bell
  • Peter Willcocks
  • Ken Lacey (Dec)

Victorian Hound Hunters Inc (VHH) was officially registered on July 6th, 2000 as an incorporated organisation.

Over time, the VHH has been able to open lines of communication between hound hunters and the government. We have been able to demonstrate that the vast majority of hound hunters are responsible and diligent sportspeople.

Today the VHH has a substantial membership that continues to grow. We advocate strongly for our members and their interests with all government agencies.

We are committed to promoting, protecting, and preserving the hunting of sambar deer with the use of hounds in the state of Victoria so that future generations can enjoy hound hunting as much as we do today.