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About the Victorian Hound Hunters Inc. (VHH)

The VHH committee meets every second month at venues across the state. The VHH hold an annual General meeting where office bearers are duly elected for the coming year. Generally, at all meetings there are raffles held. Members often support the raffles by supplying prizes as well as our fantastic sponsors who contribute some great hunting gear for the raffles. All of this helps to keep the VHH financial and is greatly appreciated.

There is a bi-monthly newsletter called the “Hound Pen”. The Hound Pen has current information and communication to members about up-coming events and VHH meeting locations. Also included in the Hound Pen is communication that is received from the various Government departments along with public interest in relation to Hunting. Members are invited to contribute articles relative to Hound Hunting or for the general hunting. Articles for publication can be sent to the VHH Secretary.

The VHH also produce a magazine that is published once a year that also enables some of the many sponsors of the VHH to advertise their business. Members can send in pictures of hunts or trophies taken with hounds, overseas hunting trips or pictures of interest. Contributors may put together a story of the hunt. Some of these contributions have been great stories of past hunts that really show the passion that is Hound Hunting.

The VHH are involved in ongoing discussions with the DSE, Parks Victoria, DPI the Victoria State Government and the NSW Game Council in relation to improved and new opportunities for Hound Hunting. We are hopeful of improvements to access to previously lost hunting country and ever hopeful of opportunities be able to hunt in new areas.

The VHH are also in close contact and communication with the Major hunting organisations. Discussions on the future direction of Hunting in Victoria is a key topic the SSAA, VFGA have been extremely supportive of the VHH and this has been appreciated.

Every year the VHH holds the annual registration day at Tallarook. From a small gathering of Hound Hunters a few years ago this event has become a major day for the organisation. Up to 800 people have been in attendance on the day with a high of 550 Hounds arriving for assessment.

The VHH have for the past four years engaged international accredited Judges to assist in both assessment and training of hound assessors. The event is proving to be a very successful day. Hound assessors are also able to be contacted to perform assessments outside of the main Registration day. Contact details for assessors are available in the Hound Pen and Magazine.

Also, over the past few years there has been a number of inter organisation rifle shoots take place. The boys from the VDA have certainly proved themselves to be worthy riflemen and it is suspected that a few “Ranga’s” have been recruited to assist in the competition. A shoot at the Woods Point Gun Club has also started to grow in popularity and we see this continuing. These shoots have been a great day out and are well supported.

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