Please find attached information supplied by Parks Victoria on the Barry Mountains Fox Control project. The fox control project is recommencing on December 2nd for the 2020-21 project cycle. The cycle of baiting will begin with four bait runs occurring weekly, in December, using fresh 1080 poison baits.

The Barry Mountains 1080 poison zone includes areas within the Buffalo River State Forest, Buckland Valley State Forest, Tea Tree Range State Forest (also known as Humffray River SF) and the Alpine National Park. A new satellite area of fox baiting is being re-instated this year in the Mount Cobbler area that includes the Alpine National Park and the Dandongadale State Forest.

Two maps are attached that show the fox control zones and tracks that have bait runs.

The new season letter has information about research on the endangered Long-footed Potoroo in the Barry Mountains and links to track closure updates. Work is continuing in fire affected areas.

Barry Mountains 1080 Fox Control Zone 1 of 2. Map Dec 2019[5256]

Barry Mountains 1080 Fox Control Zone 2 of 2. Map Dec 2019[5257]

Barry Mountains Fox Contol – new season letter Nov 2020[5254]

Barry Mountains Use of 1080 Notification letter Nov 2020[5255]