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Victorian Animal Care & Protection Bill

Victorian Hound Hunters Inc. is pleased to have participated in a collaborative effort with various hunting organisations, including the Australian Deer Association (ADA), Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA), Field & Game Australia (F&G), and the Australian Bowhunters Association, to submit recommendations on the Animal Care and Protection Bill.

This joint effort exemplifies our steadfast commitment to safeguarding our interests within the realm of recreational hunting.

Our collective advocacy has resulted in the retention of provisions allowing for recreational hunting activities under the proposed legislation. While the terminology has been adjusted from “exemption” to “exception,” the essence of enabling hunting pursuits remains unchanged. This achievement signifies a significant milestone in ensuring the continued viability of hunting as a recreational activity.

Looking ahead, while the enactment of new legislation may still be some years away, Victorian Hound Hunters Inc. remains dedicated to maintaining open channels of communication with government bodies. It is our prerogative to actively engage in dialogue to mitigate any potential adverse impacts arising from legislative changes. Our ongoing diligence and collaboration with policymakers reflect our unwavering commitment to the responsible and sustainable practice of hunting within legal frameworks.