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The VHH secures ‘Sustainable Hunting Action Grant’

We are pleased to announce the Sustainable Hunting Grant’s have now been officially published.
The VHH Committee are absolute wrapped to have secured a grant valued at $44,610 dollars to help promote and educate hound hunting in Victoria.
Keep your eyes out for further announcements regarding dates for education days.
As part of the committee’s endeavour to enhance our image and promote the VHH as the premier hound hunting organisation here in Victoria and Australia wide, we have been working extremely hard to present the VHH in a more professional manner to you, the members, and to the government departments and the general public.
Part of this endeavour is seeking additional funding to help preserve, promote and protect through education in relation to the hunting of sambar deer with the use of scent trained hounds.
As we have mentioned previously to members, at our general meetings and facebook updates, the VHH set about putting together our submission to take part in the Sustainable Hunting Action Plan (SHAP) Grants scheme, which is an investment by the Victorian Government to deliver new programs to support safe, responsible and sustainable hunting.
Our submission was based on ‘Hound Hunting Education and Safety’ –
The project is aimed at educating both hunter/s and members of the public about hound hunting sambar deer in Victoria.
The project places a strong emphasis on responsible, safe and ethical hunting, promoting the safety of firearms, hunting areas, close contact with other bush users, animal welfare, and sustainable hunting management.
The education program will take place over an 8 hour day and be conducted in three key locations across Victoria.
The education courses will cover:
– Firearms safety, safe usage, storage and transport
– Hunter and public interactions (bush users)
– Awareness of hound hunting areas
– Awareness of hound breeds, hound care and obligations
– Awareness of sustainable and ethical hunting
– Education of game recovery and butchery
– Hound hunting best practices, and hunter safety