Assistance Required

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Assistance Required


The VHH Committee is currently compiling the 2017 Action Plan for the way forward to hunt Sambar deer in Victoria with scent trailing hounds.

The focus of the plan is to generate greater access for hunters throughout the Great Dividing Range by addressing the following:

· Objection to the creation of the Great Forest National Park.

· A baiting program that is managed in line with the hound hunting season.

· A review of seasonal road closures.

· Lawful access with hounds to prohibited areas such as national parks.

The plan is not restricted to these four topics.

We are interested in hearing any suggestions in relation to the plan’s content. We are also interested in any skills you may have that could be utilised in the drafting of this plan.

If you are able to provide assistance please contact me on 0457 836112, or by email or or


Mark Hesse

VHH President.